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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Geans Management Group, Inc?

Geans Management Group, Inc. is a minority owned small business
located in Indiana, that was founded by Alan Geans is 2012. His vision
was to offer his expertise and support to small businesses/entrepreneurs. His vision was to
help startup and small businesses create successful business strategies
and operational systems at 'no cost or affordable cost.

Why should you work with GMG, Inc?​

We understand new business owners may struggle and need on the
spot support. Taking your business ideas and turning it into revenue can be a challenge.

We offer professional Support, Tools,Resources to help you build a vibrate business.

What does it cost to get started with GMG. Inc?​

We offer 1 X FREE 15 minute ‘Get To Know Us’ session.  It's Free!

GMG, Inc. can help you get your business ideas started?

Yes, We assist with getting your business up and running.  

Getting started working with GMG, Inc. is easy.

Complete our ‘Intake Form’ or send us a direct message. 

GMG, Inc. will never share any of my personal or business information?

No and Never 

Call us TODAY to discuss your business needs.

Fees vary based on your business needs.     

All new clients must Complete and Submit an ‘Intake Form’  (click)

Each client will receive one FREE 15 minute consulting session. 


Call us to see If we’re a good match!


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