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The Plan - The Solution - The Benefit! 

                  Think outside the Box! 

                        By securing a service- partnership with
                 Geans Management Group, we can help your          organization reduce payroll expenses, deliver and offer quality programing while continuing to meet your overall mission.   

   Let us help you Prioritize your equity position.

Alan Geans
Chief Executive Officer 

Al Geans has more than 20 years of leadership experience specifically in local government and nonprofit operations management. Most recently, Geans served as the Assistant Town Manager  for the Town of Brownsburg and spent six and a half years as Municipal Manager/Parks and Recreation Director for Village of Woodlawn in Cincinnati.  As CEO of Geans Management Group, he provides business consulting services and helped organizations with strategic planning, fundraising, grant writing, budget management and development, program development, event planning and life coaching. Previously, he spent 13 years in executive positions with the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati. Geans is a veteran of the U. S. Army. Geans has a passion of changing lives and developing productive citizens.

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Tonya Geans
Chief Operational Officer

Tonya Geans is the Co-Owner and Chief Financial Officer of Geans Management Group, Inc. with over 10 years of professional experiences in the financial and homeownership industry. She earned her degree in Business Marketing from Cincinnati State and Community College. Throughout her career, she has gained expertise in the financial industry through banking, call center staffing, fundraising, marketing, banking and event operations and grant writing. She prides herself on sharing business resources. She has a great appreciation and understanding of the power of networking and fostering good relationships. Their time in the U. S. Army allowed her to gain valuable experience, living aboard in various Countries and States.  Giving back is her passion. 

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