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Workshops & Programs 

PathFinder's 1.0
"Creating a Winning Mindset" 

Pathfinder’s Self-Awareness Program is designed to re-tool and re-skill unemployed and under-employed adults. Our clients will acquire new skills and be retrained to enter into the workforce and gain valuable life skills. Our program prepares individuals 18+,  for life’s journey by developing a "roadmap" for success. We focus on the whole person by assessing where they are, determining where they want to go and develope a roadmap for future success. We emphasize self-development, positive work habits and healthy attitudes, as well as the acquisition of entrepreneurial, interpersonal and communication skills.

PathFinder's 2.0 
90 Miles Exit Right
"Creating a Winning Mindset to Success"


We help at-risk youth prepare for their life journey by developing a roadmap for personal success. This journey is a metaphor depicting the challenges teens are currently facing and will face as they transition through school to adulthood. Teens will assess their current situations, establish short-term goals, and develop a road map.  They will learn the importance of planning and receive expert advise on ways

to control and navigate their life destiny.

The Entrepreneurship Program:

It’s easy to start a business, but hard to grow and sustain one. To become a successful entrepreneur you must never settle!  Test to see if you're ready to step into Entrepreneurship, answer the following questions: 

1. Are you Curios?  - Do you enjoy learning? 

2. Structured Experimentatation  it. Validate your idea.

3. Adaptability - Evaluate situations and adapt. 

4. Decisiveness - Be willing to make difficult decisions. 

5. Team Building - Know your Strengths and Weaknesses. 

6. Risk Tolerance - Understand the steps to minimize your loss. t

7. Comfortability with Failure.

8. Persistence - Willingness to learn from mistake.

9. Innovation - Innovation is a characteristic 

10. Long-Term Focus - People think of entrepreneurship as the process of starting a business. While the early stages of launching a venture are critical to its success, the process doesn’t end once the business is operational.​​

  • Start Business Credit 

  • Obtain "FUNDING" for your business ideas

  • And much more 



And That’s On Period was formed out of love for young girls and boys who need  access to resources, information/knowledge and support related to their changing bodies.  Regardless of their income and family structure. 


Our workshops will help educate and fill in the gaps of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).  I.e. Cramps, The Monthly Flow, and protection during a girl’s monthly period. 


Girls/Women/Mothers and Boys/Men/Fathers (8+ years old will learn the necessary responsibilities and receive direct support from trained staff, so that they know the important facts on ‘Being Prepared’ and not ‘Being Afraid’ when their daughters and sisters first get their period.


Talking about menstruation and confirming that it's normal!  Educating and empowering boys/girls and reducing unwanted pregnancies.  Preparing boys/girls for what’s coming ?  Allowing their experience to be smoother. Arming boys/girls with the facts and knowing that he/she’s going to experience what all boys/girls have been through.  Allowing boys/girls to take it in stride and possibly even celebrate his/her rite of passage.

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