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Workshops & Programs 

                    PathFinder's Self-Awareness Workshop 
                            "Creating a Winning Mindset" 

Pathfinder’s Self-Awareness Program is designed to re-tool and re-skill unemployed and under-employed adults. Our clients will acquire new skills and be retrained to enter into the workforce and gain valuable life skills.


Our program prepares individuals 18+,  for life’s journey by developing a "roadmap" for success. We focus on the whole person by assessing where they are, determining where they want to go and develope a roadmap for future success. We emphasize self-development, positive work habits and healthy attitudes, as well as the acquisition of entrepreneurial, interpersonal and communication skills.

         The Entrepreneurship Program:

It’s easy to start a business, but hard to grow and sustain one. To become a successful entrepreneur you must never settle!  Test to see if you're ready to step into Entrepreneurship, answer the following questions: 

1. Are you Curios?  - Do you enjoy learning? 

2. Structured Experimentatation  it. Validate your idea.

3. Adaptability - Evaluate situations and adapt. 

4. Decisiveness - Be willing to make difficult decisions. 

5. Team Building - Know your Strengths and Weaknesses. 

6. Risk Tolerance - Understand the steps to minimize your loss. t

7. Comfortability with Failure.

8. Persistence - Willingness to learn from mistake.

9. Innovation - Innovation is a characteristic 

10. Long-Term Focus - People think of entrepreneurship as the process of starting a business. While the early stages of launching a venture are critical to its success, the process doesn’t end once the business is operational.​​

  • Start Business Credit 

  • Obtain "FUNDING" for your business ideas

  • And much more 

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