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                                        Geans Management Group, INC.

      Offering affordable workshops to deliver personal growth.

Our Mission:
Geans Management Group will work directly with individuals or local organizations whose clients may be experiencing life related barriers. 
We mentor people by helping them self- identify their strengths and opportunities through SMART Goals.     
Our SMART workshop Pathfinder's use motivational techniques to restore hope and build personal growth. 
Our Pillars:
Support + Address + Empower. 
Our Purpose:
Support individuals whose desire is to live a productive life.
We are a community-based organization providing coaching and resources to people during transitional life cycles of their lives.
Our Program:
Pathfinder's workshop is a weekly 1-hour workshop focuses on ‘Life After' and 'New Beginnings.'  
Our Goal: 
Equip people with self-confidence and community connection.
Our Vision:
Create opportunity for individuals to reach their full potential and achieve financial independence. 
Dismantle barriers that's existed for generations. 
Our desired community organization partnerships are local jails, hospitals and law enforcement agencies.       



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